Enduring development of the company depends on acute and smart business sensitivity and strategic vision. 

Blessed with perennial experience for its success, Fashion Group has a focus on three fields with promising prospects in the future for its investments of resources. 

Urban Underground Commercial Spaces

With its unique experience of location selection and a mature mode of development and operations, Fashion Group is able to build perfect business complexes which combine trends and art, presenting a unique contribution to the goals of optimizing city spaces, improving city functions, and augmenting city taste. 

Urban Rail Transit Commercial Spaces

By introducing world advanced ideas of commercial space development and operations for rail transit projects and cooperating with global prestigious design teams, Fashion Group builds rail transit commercial spaces with international standards. 

Tourist and Cultural Properties 

With its unique experience of location selection, and a concern on local cultural heritages for planning thoughts and innovative designs of functions and structures, Fashion Group always creates tourist properties that are impressive and new to people. 

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